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Shuaa Digest November 2019

Shuaa Digest November 2019 Online Reading

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Shuaa Digest November 2019 Online

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PUBLISHING one’s poetry electronically has gathered so much currency that many of today’s poets of Urdu do not bother to get their poetry ‘printed’ in any magazine once it is ‘published’ online, mostly on Facebook.

If they can get 200 likes or more by midnight, they go to bed content and can afford to smile in dreams.

Despite the rise of electronic media, when Mumtaz Ahmed Sheikh launched Lauh, a literary magazine published from Rawalpindi, many including this writer thought it was a fine effort, but might not last long and would quietly disappear just like many other literary journals of Urdu.

The reason for this pessimistic inference was an ever-decreasing number of readers of literary magazines.

About half a decade down the road, those factors still exist and have rather accentuated the imminent death of print media. In the west, numerous newspapers and magazines have either gone out of business or have stopped publishing their print edition, shifting completely to the electronic version.

Some Urdu magazines have either closed down for good or been struggling. Monthly digests for women, too, that enjoyed a vast circulation, have suffered a decrease in sales. This is a gloomy scene when compared to some two decades ago when these women’s digests used to sell like hotcakes.

Pakeeza Digest January 2020, Shuaa Digest November 2019 Best 1

Mystery or detective magazines too did well back then. Sub Rang Digest, for instance, owned and edited by Shakeel Aadilzada, had broken all sales records and at a point in time, in the mid-1970s, its circulation had crossed 150,000 marks a wondrous achievement for a country where literacy rate has always been dismal. Now Sub Rang is gone, forever.

Some Urdu journals have either ceased publication or are a mere shadow of their glorious past.

Some of Urdu’s quasi-literary monthlies published from India, the names of Sham’a and some other magazines come immediately to one’s mind, did roaring business. Nuqoosh and Adab-i-Lateef were among the most popular and prestigious literary periodicals.

Afkaar, was a monthly published from Karachi and it maintained its regularity for over 50 years.

Nigar, launched in 1922, kept on publishing for some 85 years. It all vanished before our eyes. An era has ended.

The conditions for Urdu magazines, especially literary ones, are not conducive at all now. They are beyond their heydays. Neither are there any big hopes of their revival, at least the print version cannot go on for more than a decade, perhaps.

But, thank God, the pessimism of many, including this writer, has been proved awry. The tenacity with which Urdu’s magazines, especially the literary magazines, are fighting it out is amazing.

Though some literary journals of Urdu have gone and it is very unlikely that they would ever come back, some new magazines have taken the center stage.

Also, some older ones are surviving and doing quite well, for example, Qaumi Zaban, Karachi, and Al-Hamra, Lahore, though both are monthlies and, mind you, publishing a monthly magazine is not as easy as it sounds.

These two monthlies are being published regularly for the last 70 years or so, albeit most literary journals have very small circulations.

The exorbitant prices of magazines and free online availability of literary pieces have apparently sealed the fate of Urdu’s literary journals, but some are doing amazingly well.

In these days of hyperinflation when very old and reputed magazines can hardly keep afloat, not only have some Urdu magazines survived the invasion of the e-publishing, but have also become more stylish in get-up, more choosy in contents and thicker, too. Shuaa Digest November 2019 full.

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Shuaa Digest November 2019

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