Dunay e Islam ma Science or Tib ka urooj

Dunay e Islam ma Science or Tib ka urooj Read Online or Download

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Dunay e Islam ma Science or Tib ka urooj

Dunay E Islam Ma Science Or Tib Ka Urooj written by leading scholar Dr. Hafiz Ur Rehman Siddique, the Focus of this book is designed to motivate thinking and develop understanding of essential aspects of the Islamic world.

Book Title: Dunay e Islam ma Science or Tib ka urooj

Writer: Dr. Hafiz Ur Rehman Siddiqque

You remember many English inventors who invented many things. But, you are not aware of inventors who provided bases for modern inventions. If you read Islamic books then you’ll realize that Islamic scientist contributed major role in modern health and sciences. One of their major ways to cure disease was cure with herbal medicines.

This book Dunay E Islam Ma Science Or Tib Ka Urooj reveals the brief history of the Islamic contributors in science.

The debate over Islam and Science is never ending and it covers major fields. If you take current issues with Muslim world then this debate can be divided in two separate fields which are Practical and Intellectual.

This book exists to help you understand the major role of Muslim contributors in modern education fields as science.

Also, it adds information of modern English scholars and scientists, their research and achievements. Advancement in science was the aim of every Muslim nation. Even though they never achieved their full potential but the whole world fascinated with the amazing discoveries made by Muslim scientists.

Necessity is the mother of invention was the motto or our great scientists. As there was no intellectual property concept in the history so many scientists could not take credit of their inventions. But if you research then you shall know their names with their inventions.

This book Dunay E Islam Ma Science Or Tib Ka Urooj covers this issue and tells you many great Islamic scientists and their role in the science and technology.

The Holy Quran elaborates cosmology, makes regular references to natural phenomena, and implores its readers to consider the world of nature as Allah’s signs. It is quite telling that a verse of the Quran is also called an ayah, i.e., sign.

It sates many issues that are also studied by the natural sciences: creation, life, heavens and earth, animals, order in nature, the argument from design, and the relation between the natural and human orders.

The Holy Quran presents natural occurrences as both the foundations of the physical order in which we live and the marvelous work of Allah as the great Artisan.

Islam gives nature a religious meaning and a meta-physical function within the great chain of being; it offers a religious view of the universe which, in turn, puts the establishment for an Islamic viewpoint of science.

Dunay e Islam ma Science or Tib ka urooj Read Online

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