Best Khawateen Digest November 2019 Free Download PDF

Khawateen Digest November 2019 Free download PDF

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Best Khawateen Digest November 2019 Free Download PDF

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Episodic story could be Khawateen Digest’s finest

The plot of Nimra Ahmed’s novel Namal revolves around a murder and the relationship between a boy and his family. It also revolves around money and evil. Namal’s plot has all this and much more substance beautifully weaved and exceptionally narrated into a single story.

Umera Ahmed set the tendency of integrating faith into stories in the modern history of Urdu popular fiction. I do not know anything about Nimra Ahmed, but if she is inspired by Umera Ahmed, she is definitely going to surpass her mentor in the near future.

Umera’s stories are more towards the spiritual side, divine love and most of all, how people repent for their sins. Nimra brings all this to everyday life and common settings.

Khawateen Digest November 2019 Download PDf

Profile of Farhat Ishtiaq

There is nothing apologetic about Farhat Ishtiaq: “If I create fantasies in my books and readers are happy reading them, what’s the harm in that?” she asks. Dismissing the criticism of writing socially regressive fiction, she says she will leave the depiction of ‘reality’ to others.

Given the readership Ishtiaq enjoys, this formula clearly works. Not only do her books sell a lot, her fans generously express their admiration for her in letters to her editor at Khawateen Digest, where her books are serialised, and on her Facebook page (it has more than 54,000 followers).

She is called “the queen of love” and tributes such as “ur one of world’s best writer” (sic) and “hy api ap ka likha tu ik ik word heart touching hota h keep it up mashallah” (sic) clutter the page.

Even some of the criticism is nothing more than a veiled compliment. For instance, Fizza Malik, a second-year pre-engineering student, found Humsafar’s story unrealistic but her criticism reflects Ishtiaq’s ability to capture her readers’ (and television viewers’) imagination with her characters: “Ashar’s character was so unreal it created unrealistic expectations,” said Malik.

Mosmi Urdu Novel by Rakhi Chaudhary Free Download PDF 2020

“All the girls in my college would say that they want a guy like Ashar.” In fact, it is safe to say that Humsafar has become a byword for successful television productions.

At the same time, there are those who are scathing in their critique of the worldview projected in Ishtiaq’s work. Many critiqued Humsafar in newspapers and blogs for perpetuating gender stereotypes, rewarding submissiveness and punishing ambition and independence in women.

But Ishtiaq’s long-time editor at Khawateen Digest, Amtul Saboor, feels that her stories also tackle themes of struggle, materialism and explore relationships other than romantic as well.

Khwateen digest nov 2019 on the surface, the story of “Dil Say Niklay Jo Lafz” is about an orphan, fall in love but in fact it is a story of the great effort of a self-made person.

Khawateen digest online Woh Jo Qarz Rakhay Thay is about a granddaughter’s love for her grandfather,” Saboor argues. She also finds Ishtiaq different from her other contributors as in her novels she celebrates small joys and occasions, again mirroring her readers’ aspirations and emotionally engaging them.

Khawateen Digest November 2019 in fact, Ishtiaq’s readers tend to become so involved with her characters that, Saboor says, “When Aabi in Mata-i-Jaan died, they wrote in letters requesting Farhat aapi to write a sequel to the book in which it emerges that Aabi was actually in a coma.”

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Khawateen Digest November 2019

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