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Famous Scientists of Pakistan book is written on lives and contributions of famous scientists of Pakistan. The writer of this book is Khalid Mehmood Asim and he dedicated this book to young scientists of Pakistan.

Famous Scientists of Pakistan
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Any underdeveloped nation who wants to be a powerful and developed nation should research in Science and Technology. If you think that you’re far behind than other countries then think again. Because in this book your thinking shall change and you shall admire the efforts and achievements of our country’s most renowned scientists.

You’ll find contributions of Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, Dr. Samar Mubarik, Dr. Rafi Muhammad Ch., Dr. Tahir Hussain, Dr. Munir Khan, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Dr. Khalil Baig, Dr. Mudassir Ali Baig, Dr. Abdul Salam, Dr. Nazir Ahmad and many more. It’s a complete package filled with information about Atomic scientists, Physical Scientists, Chemical Scientists, Bio Scientists, Agricultural Scientists and computer scientists of Pakistan.

Our Holy Quran also teaches us about science. So, Muslims must think and research and they can take guidance from the verses of the Holy Quran.

Pakistan became atomic country on 28th May 1998 and written its name in the history. On this day at Chaaghi located in Baluchistan district, Pakistan tested 5 nuclear bombs. After two days, 6th atomic bomb was tested and Pakistan written its name as 7th Nuclear Power in the world. Beside Pakistan America, Russia, China, Britain, France and India are those countries which have nuclear power.

If a person has keen interest to discover the mysteries of this universe then he must be scientists. It’s the only way in which he/she can write questions, do research and discover the results. Today, the term scientist has become broader than ever. In the history there was no concept of a specific field of science as Chemistry, Biology or Physics. Now a day, if you want to become a scientist you must choose your field.

If you’re wondering what was the major discovery of 20th century then you probably know that already. Theory of relativity by Einstein was the major discovery of the 20th century. Einstein’s theory has solved many problems faced by many scientists.

The world was never like this. Science has given shape to this world. If you apply scientific rules to world and universe then everything changes. You discover new things like flying jets, space rockets, sky scrapers, artificial hearts and problem solving computers. These all discoveries were possible due to knowledge of science.

You can play with science in any way as positive and negative. But you must understand science in positive way. Also, you must understand what scientists want from all these discoveries and inventions. Positive study of science is the only way due to which humanity shall progress.

A scientist work basically on the events of his interest. They make a theory about that event. He tests his theory by performing various experiments. Scientist tries to find the cause of a specific event. Scientist keeps repeating an experiment, then a small portion of result changes. This minor change is very major for scientist due to this he make discoveries of new things or objects. If this experiment is repeated by other scientist and result remain the same then this is called a discovery.

All scientists make journals of their research. And when he makes a new discovery he presents his journal internationally.  This research is published internationally and that discovery is made public. Major questions scientist asks from himself are; what’s that? How that possible? And why is happens?

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Famous scientists of Pakistan

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